Rishikesh Pandey

Rishikesh Pandey, Ph.D.

Rishikesh Pandey, Ph.D.Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Email: pandey@uchc.edu



Our research work centers on development and deployment of novel biophotonic technologies that interface and bridge spectroscopy, clinical diagnostic and label-free imaging. Specifically, we seek to employ vibrational spectroscopic and imaging techniques to obtain biochemical signatures that can reveal latent information on pathological conditions. Our long-term goal is to develop and eventually deploy molecular imaging strategies to help clinicians in early disease diagnosis and biomarker identification. As a representative example, we recently reported the first technique that has the potential to non-invasively identify two key lesions, namely cholesteatoma and myringosclerosis, by providing real-time information of deferentially expressed molecules. In addition to revealing signatures consistent with the known pathobiology of these lesions, our observations provided the first evidence of the presence of carbonate- and silicate-substitutions in the calcium phosphate plaques found in myringosclerosis.

A principal thrust in our current research is focused in the area of pediatric hematology-oncology where we intend to develop non-invasive and label-free tool to provide biochemical insight thereby improving diagnostic and prognostic decisions. Other focal points of our research include the design and development of nanostructured probe to complement our spectroscopic and imaging efforts.